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Furiko is a cloud-native, enterprise-level cron and adhoc job platform for Kubernetes.

The word "furiko" (振り子) means "pendulum" in Japanese.


Furiko is a Kubernetes-native operator for managing, scheduling and executing scheduled and adhoc jobs and workflows. It aims to be a general-purpose job platform that supports a diverse range of use cases, including cron jobs, parallel batch processing, workflow automation, etc.

Furiko is built from the beginning to support enterprise-level use cases and running self-hosted in a private Kubernetes cluster, supporting users across a large organization.

Some use cases that are perfect for Furiko include:

  • Cron-based scheduling massive amounts of periodic jobs per day in a large organization
  • Scheduling some jobs to run once at a later time with some parameters
  • Starting multiple jobs to execute one after another, once the previous job has finished
  • Running multiple parallel, indexed tasks within a single job execution
  • Event-driven, offline/asynchronous job processing
  • Building a platform to automate business operations via form-based inputs (with Furiko as the job engine)

Why Choose Furiko

There are several other workflow platforms available for Kubernetes today. Furiko specializes in time-based scheduling, taking an emphasis on correctness and scale, providing an out-of-the-box solution to run massive amounts of job executions every day without missing a beat.

Initially developed as an internal project in Shopee, Furiko prides itself on being optimized to support millions of job executions per day across multiple clusters internally, while being expressive enough to support a multitude of business use cases. At the same time, Furiko offers high consistency and reliability in the face of failure or restarts to prevent double runs and missed runs.

Furiko is designed to be used both as a standalone platform, or as a framework for more complex platforms that build on top of Furiko, such as IT automation or customer service portals.

More details can be found on the Features page.


Furiko is currently in ALPHA and APIs may change at any time.


Furiko is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

Logo is designed by Duan Weiwei, and is distributed under CC-BY 4.0.

NOTE: Although started within the company, Furiko is not an official Shopee project or product.