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Powerful, cloud-native cron and ad-hoc job platform for Kubernetes

What is Furiko?

Kubernetes-native job platform

Furiko is a Kubernetes-native job platform to schedule, execute, queue and manage jobs. Specify job configs that can be automatically executed on a recurring schedule, or run on an ad-hoc basis.

Cron scheduling

Schedule jobs automatically based on a cron schedule up to a per-second granularity. Schedules can optionally be specified subject to a specific timezone, or additional constraints (e.g. up to a certain date).

Executing jobs now or later

Execute jobs immediately, or enqueue them to start after current executions are finished, or to only start at a later date.

Job options and parameters

Create job configs that are parameterizable, accepting and validating arguments to the job, making workloads more generic and reusable.

Reliable scheduling guarantees

Furiko utilizes several tricks to ensure that jobs are run in a timely manner. It is able to detect double runs and missed runs in many cases, providing reliability in the face of failure.