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Start Policy

A Job may have an optional Start Policy, which defines certain preconditions that must be met before the Job can be started.

Sample Configuration

kind: Job
concurrencyPolicy: Enqueue
startAfter: 2022-03-06T00:27:00+08:00

Configuration Options


Specifies the behavior when there are other concurrent Jobs for the same JobConfig.

The set of allowed values are identical to those specified in a JobConfig's concurrency.policy (see here).

If not specified, it will be inherited from the JobConfig's concurrency.policy value.


Specifies an optional timestamp that the Job can only be started after. This allows you to schedule a Job to be only run at a later point in time.


The behavior when the Job starts will still be subject to the value of concurrencyPolicy, which is inherited from the JobConfig's concurrency value if not specified. This means that if Forbid is specified, the Job may be queued but eventually fail with AdmissionError.

In many cases, the Enqueue policy is usually desired when using startAfter.